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Mind and body need inspiration for an agile organization.

Interesting ingredients, as part of TZOUM-impulse drink, can be beneficial to your work. You need to be concentrated, you need to be in flow and inspired from new ideas - have a look to TZOUM - NOW - FLOW and JOY - the impulse drink for business.

There is no extra sugar in it, they use no chemical colors and flavor enhancers.

I am just smiling behind our new digital TZOUMAT. Served with a touchscreen, fresh concentrated mixed with water or soda water. Your TZOUM drink will be freshly prepared.

Of course, our TZOUMAT can be used as infotainment.

IMPULSE yourself



Now - concentration

Now - the naturalness of melissa, lemongrass, galangal puts the focus on the concentration


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Flow - serenity

Flow - the mixture of lavender, rose hip, arena leads the focus on serenity

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Joy - vitality

Joy - additional ingredients of saffron, maca root and orange peels impulse the vitality

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