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Only a question

A long day at work. A late after-work-drink. And then this teaser statement: Where can we find the reset button for a better working atmosphere?

That's right, we would like to have such a button. Companies often think results-oriented and neglect working climate.

This evening lasted even longer and the question began to occupy us. How can a reset button work to achieve a atmosphere of motivation and enthusiasm?

Beside usual common management literature we found essential elements for an enthusiastic and independently atmosphere. Employees can be happy with their work and the company could be successful. 

We collect these essential points and Mr.vanTZOUM - "climatologist of work" - communicate these different subjects humorously.

His inspirationCom is a good manual to agile organizations and transform employees in independent worker.

"You succeed!   I believe in you!"




Hello Mia,

Oops, you don't know my term "MIA" yet!

This is my shortest common of employees = MIA

As a work climatologist, a motivating working environment is important to me. In addition there are weekly impulses - I call them NOTES - now in small steps everyone can contribute to improve the working atmosphere.

My "inspirationCom" is available to you in companies. This platform can also be used as a tool for new initiatives.

Sunshine at work is more popular than hierarchical low pressure cells. If you're curious about my "inspirationCom" contact me.

Do it now – decide for you


Com to drink, to think

impulse to drink

Mind and body need inspiration for an agile organization.

Interesting ingredients, as part of TZOUM-impulse drink, can be beneficial to your work. You need to be concentrated, you need to be in flow and inspired from new ideas - have a look to TZOUM - NOW - FLOW and JOY - the impulse drink for business.

There is no extra sugar in it, they use no chemical colors and flavor enhancers.

I am just smiling behind our new digital TZOUMAT. Served with a touchscreen, fresh concentrated mixed with water or soda water. Your TZOUM drink will be freshly prepared.

Of course, our TZOUMAT can be used as infotainment.

IMPULSE yourself



Now - concentration

Now - the naturalness of melissa, lemongrass, galangal puts the focus on the concentration


to drink

Flow - serenity

Flow - the mixture of lavender, rose hip, arena leads the focus on serenity

to drink

Joy - vitality

Joy - additional ingredients of saffron, maca root and orange peels impulse the vitality

to drink

Your success is important to you –

with pleasure we invest our time in a personal conversation

Tzoum spot

we like it bizarre

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